Commonly asked questions:

How wide can I go? 3.0m is the standard maxium width you can go.

What if my area is wider than 3.0m? We can split your Wave Shades in 2, for example if your area is 4.0m wide we would do 2 at 2.0m. We can also custom design a Wave Shade to fit your space. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

How long can I go? This depends on the width, see our guidelines below. Please note these are what we recommend, however, every project is unique so contact us if you’re unsure.

How does it handle the wind? The Wave Shade handles wind very well, much better than an umbrella or awning, as the fabric is loose and floats in the breeze without putting a lot of pressure on the structure. In high winds, the wave shade can be easily retracted and then it is not affected by the wind at all.

What do I do if a storm is coming? We suggest you take down your Wave Shade.

Should I take it down in the winter? We suggest you take your Wave Shade down over the winter, this will not only protect it, but will also guarantee longevity of the product. 

Is it waterproof? Standard Wave Shades are not waterproof, however, we can supply waterproof Wave Shades in certain situations. If you have a challenging project, contact us and we’ll help you through.

What is an aluminum spar? It’s the aluminum cross bar that runs across the Wave Shade. This holds the fabric in place and also connects to the stainless steel cable that the Wave Shade travels along.

How many aluminum spars can I have? We recommend spacing these 500mm – 650mm apart, any closer and you will lose that natural look. Adding more aluminum spars will also add to the overall weight and cost.

How tight does the stainless steel cable need to be? The tighter the better, this is the key to a good installation. It needs to be very tight as it will allow the Wave Shade to travel smoothly and will also reduce any potential sag due to the weight of the Wave Shade. The ideal rule of thumb is a 0.5% dip in the wire when the shade is extended (if the shade was 4m long, then the wire should dip 20mm). The tension you get on the wire will depend on how strong your supporting frame is.

So it’s critical that my stainless steel eyebolts are fixed to something solid then? Absolutely critical. These must be fixed into an existing pergola structure, timber posts, a solid beam or wall on your house.

How far do the Wave Shade aluminum spars hang below the wires? They are 90mm below the cable.

How far does the fabric hang? Normally around 250mm – 400mm.

Can I have my fabric flat rather than draping? Yes, no problem. You can choose low, medium or deep billow.

If I have a split Wave Shade, as in two running side by side, how close can they be? We would recommend a 20mm gap.

How do I retract my Wave Shade? You have two options - our cord retraction kit or our pole retraction kit. The cord retraction kit has a continuous loop of cord that drops down at one corner of the shade, by pulling the cord in one direction it will extend the shade and the other direction will retract it. The pole retraction kit is more of a simple system where you have a short pole with a hook at the top, this is used to hook into a bracket on the front edge of that shade so you can push/pull the shade open or closed.

Can I have my Wave Shade on an angle? Angled in the direction the Wave Shade travels is ok, sideways angles are not recommended.

If you would like more information please contact us.