Getting Started

Getting Started

Sliding Shade Sail

Measure carefully 

Accurate measurements are vital to ensuring your Wave Shade will perfectly fit and can be correctly tensioned. However, for the purpose of supplying a quote, accurate measurements on your part are not as important as final measurements before manufacture of you Wave Shade structure.

Accurate measurements cannot be taken until the attachment points, such as eye plates, eyebolts and poles, are in place. Once the attachment points are fitted, measurements in millimetres (mm) from each point to each point are required.

Measurement guide

Measurements should be provided in metric (i.e. metres, centimetres and millimetres). However, for international customers, NuRange can convert imperial measurements (i.e., yards, feet, inches) if this is the only measurements you can provide. 

Wherever possible, please provide sketch plans include length, height and width of the coverage if the area you are going to cover is an irregular shape. Useful additional information includes, the height off the ground of any deck which requires cover as well as the distances to boundary lines of the property. 

It is imperative to include on all sketches and diagrams a compass direction showing North and the direction of the sun at midday or when the sun causes the greatest problem. These notations help us to approximate the sun’s direction and determine where shadows from your Wave Shade structures will fall.

If you have any queries regarding the measurements required, then don’t hesitate to contact the support team for further help.